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water_bear's Journal

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Man into Watersports
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Check out my community, water_brothers!! I am over 18. You should be as well!

It is better to be pissed on than pissed off...

Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well.
(The Book of Proverbs 5:15)

Please Note:
This journal is about gay watersports and will have references to gay sex, watersports, and other adult topics. Such information is presented for purposes of education and meaningful discussion. Please do not read my journal if you find such topics offensive or if viewing such material would be illegal due to your age or it would violate the community standards of the jurisdiction in which you access Livejournal.

I am (over) eighteen and YOU should be too if you are going to be reading or commenting in my journal!

My kink is watersports...GAY male watersports... I love watersports. Click Here for my thorough essay on the subject of watersports!

The first time I talked someone into it (boy, was I scared) it was incredible! For days I felt like I did the first time I went into a gay bar. Liberated! Free!

What do I like about it? A man can only ejacualte so much, I don't care who he is. But he can pee and pee and pee... He can douse you, soak you in the hot fluids that have been inside him and comes to you through his cock. I love to see the golden drops glistening in my chest hair. And I like pissing on a man too!

A fantasy is 69 pissing!

This journal is about Gay Male Watersports.

You can find an index on what I've covered so far right here. This is fantasies, stories, real stories, and information on health, safety and history...

And one of my favorite articles/posts that I wrote all about watersports is RIGHT HERE!!

A lot of my entries are protected by a filter. What do you do to get onto that filter? Simple! Just answer ALL the questions at This Posting and you get to see all!

Love and Pisses!

Thanks to durabear for the logo
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