Man into Watersports (water_bear) wrote,
Man into Watersports

Hey, Need Some Info on Medical Sounds (as a Sex Toy)

They scared me when I first heard about them. They sounded too kinky for me. The first time I tried one, it startled the hell out of me how easily they entered my urethra! But I liked it! The amazing orgasm I had was simply astounding. For those of you who like your pierced nipples played with, you may understand. You get twice as much feeling with something on the inside as well as the outside.

The thing is, later, it stunk when I pissed! I know I did not damage myself in anyway. I cleaned the thing well! But maybe not well enough? Should I have used a different way to clean it? What should I use? Maybe I am using the wrong kind of lube? What kind should I use. Any and all help would be appreciated!

This is a kit of sounds

Here is a man inserting a sound into his urethra

This is another picture of same, but a thicker sound, and thicker than I would use

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